Emese Káldi

executive, tour guide

I graduated from the university with a major in Library Sciences and Hungarian Language and Literature, and my parents are architects. With my husband, I often prowl in foreign cities with itineraries in-hand and sometimes still feel completely lost. Together, these ingredients gave me the idea for ImagineBudapest. Although I like to get lost in Budapest, sometimes it feels good to realize the correlations, the greater connections in the history of the city because it is good to know why and thanks to whom it gained its present form: beautiful or ugly, livable or unbearable, cosy or completely unfamiliar – these do not count in this case. I would like others feel this way too. If only Hungarians, foreigners, the young and elderly would feel the attachment to the texture, the very system of this city that lies way below the asphalt level lining the streets. There is no doubt that it has a system, even though we might not know our ways through it all the time.


Marci Káldi

managing director

Abit like a fairy tale… The youngest child in the family, the only boy, who is supposed to carry forward the family legacy: architecture as a profession. But the road to my goal was not paved at all. I had tried my hand at many different things before I got to ImagineBudapest. I had studied economics, worked with computers and also in a buffet, then moved to Ireland for 3 years. There I started to engage myself into tourism as I realised what home could mean: the city where the memories of one’s youth are from, those incomparable memories that no one can ever relive anywhere else. Though I could live better, get ahead faster, have fewer everyday problems in other cities, I found no place like Budapest, my home.  Here are the street-corners, smells and noises I’ve known for long, some moments I’ll never let go, and those people whose presence fills my heart with happiness... It wasn’t easy to make myself aware of such perceptions, so now I’m helping others find a shorter way back home. I hope it’s not for nothing. 


Katalin Káldi

tour guide

Regarding my qualifications, I am a master of Art History; however, I unfortunately have known very little about the city I live in. This became awkward apparent when my students whom I wanted to show the beauties of art history asked about the style of our school building, when it was built and what used to be in its place, etc. I was just standing there and for want of a better explanation I looked up all the information for the next class. Then once when we went roving downtown, we visited a small, less known museum and the world opened in front of them, in front of us. They asked me to list all the places in Budapest that were just as beautiful and yet still unknown. The list is still not complete, but to reduce my constantly growing pricks of conscience, I thought that maybe with ImagineBudapest, by doing some kind of live stocktaking, I can finally fulfill what they asked me to do. Well, that is why I am here.


Kitti Kalcsó

project manager, tour guide

I grew up in a small village, so Budapest has always been “the city” in my life. When I came to university here, the city started to show itself to me and I could finally see its map in my head. However, I still don’t feel that I belong to Budapest. I guess it needs more than having a map in my head. I have to get acquainted with every inch of this city. I need experiences. It could have been one of the reasons why I took part in a walk organised by ImagineBudapest. I instantly fell in love with it. It opened a new level of the city: I got something personal I could share with the place. By the way, I graduated as an architect. I love to look closely at buildings, and I love drawing them and conceiving how they’ve become what they are now. If I discover something, I definitely have to share that with others. That’s why I’m here. I mean I love to keep talking about buildings to bring them closer to the hearts of other people. 


Júlia Szekeres

landscape architect, tour guide

I ’m a philologist and a landscape architect. I am what these two professions add up to: I love talking and writing about nature and flora. Since my childhood I’ve had my favourite trees along the roads where I used to walk. Watching them grow, I could examine how seasons changed, how time passed: I could draw strength from them to go on with my life. During university years, my greatest source of delight was to learn about the amazing world of plants, and the feeling that I know them: their names, their blossoms… I would really like to share this joy of mine with those who participate in the “Secret Gardens” tour. Fortunately, there are some quiet spots even at the feet of old buildings in the centre of Pest, where we can bump into trees and each other.


Zsófi Bittó

tour guide

I n the past five years I have learnt more and more about the city. As I started using my guide licence, my eyes opened up to Budapest and got to love her more day by day. Just like the guests who admire the sights and have lots of questions to ask, I have also learnt to look around and look up in the "well-known" Downtown, too. Let it be a walk with a local group or foreign visitors, guests are always surprised at the rich heritage, hidden beauties and Budapest's adventurous life. I like talking about Budapest, her past and present. There is always something to discover - a story, a building, treasure.