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Paris Court – A story of how dreams come true

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Every one of us has a dream … In the early 1800’s, architect Mr. Mihály Pollack and Baron Brudern envisioned the most sophisticated modern department store of the period. Decades later stakeholders of the City Savings Bank were cherishing other dreams: the silhouette of another luxurious building started to be outlined. There is no need to mention that all merchants and storekeepers living those times in Budapest entertained highest dreams of having a shoproom at the lavishly decorated, elegant Paris Court.

This is, indeed, a magical world where past and future, as well as luxury and highest world standards abut. For about a hundred years, Paris Court has been a constant enchantment for all people who are fervent admirers of prodigiously beautiful. In the past few years, however, the proprietor, as well as architects, restorers, stonemasons, sculptors, mechanical engineers, IT specialists, distinguished experts of hotel business and fine dining did not let themselves dwelling on dreams for too long, but started to realise them.

If you were dreaming about a visit, do not hesitate any longer! On our exclusive walking tour we will explore the building from A to Z.

Join us for a walk at the Paris Court, the most beautiful gem of the capital!

You will hear about: electro glass, Henrik Schmahl, “Wow!”, ceramic tiles, Miksa Róth, phenomenal, Jégbüfé, Zsolnay, Villeroy&Boch, “Oh my God!”, honeycomb, labyrinth

This tour is not advised for children under 14. If, however, you would like to participate with young children, we kindly ask you to contact us before your registration.

Price: 4500 HUF/person (no discounts available)
Length of trip: 90 minutes
Meeting point: 1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 1. (by the statue of Mrs. Pál Veres)
How to get there: on foot from Ferenciek tere (Metro 3)
Itinerary: a walk within the building
Maximum number of tour: 20 persons
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