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Message walls, or the secret language of the decorations of building in Budapest

Did you know that as you walk the streets of Budapest you are constantly being watched by atlases and caryatids? Or that cherubs are smiling down upon you? Or than ancient Roman gods await your bow? It’s all true! High above eye level, the walls of many houses are adorned with flowers and vines, Hungarian folk motifs, domestic animals and beasts, and even men, women and ancient gods, all painstakingly-carved into the stone. While these decorations are certainly pleasing to the eye, most of them carry a hidden message as well. Be deciphering the secret codes, we can shed light on the personality, profession, interests, and marital status of the builder or occupant of the house.

On our 2-hour walking tour, we use the tools of art historians to bring to life the intricately-carved facades, staircases and gates, and through them to become acquainted with the long-deceased inhabitants of the areas. As you develop an appreciation of a faded era, your new -language skills- will make the otherwise mute buildings confess the secrets and stories of their past.

Price: 4500 Ft/15 EUR/fő
Length of trip: 120 minutes
Meeting point: In front of the Museum of Applied Arts (9th district Üllői út 33-37.) (MAP)
How to get there: Tram number 4 or 6 - Ferenc körút OR subway number 3 - Ferenc körút
Itinerary: Iparművészeti Múzeum - Mária utca - Csepreghy utca - József körút - Rökk Szilárd utca - Gutenberg tér
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