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Historic Pub Crawl – with Frank Downer

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“Hey, can you spare me a penny? I need it for beer… OK, OK, of course, I’d rather stop by the Blue Cat first, just to teach those amateurish card-sharpers a lesson. It won’t take a minute. I’m sure as hell that today is my lucky day. And there is the one-legged Bogdán. Even a 6-year-old can beat him. Well, if you lend me some dough , I’ll take you around the neighbourhood just for the sake of your own safety. Everybody here knows who I am, so you needn’t worry about anybody or anything. Let’s get a move on then, for God’s sake!”

A pleasant evening with Frank Downer the old gambler and drunkard, a picturesque figure, who knows Pest by night like the palm of his hand. While taking a stroll in the entertainment area of the once famous seventh district, which is currently getting a nice facelift, we are given a chance of getting familiar with the history of the neighbourhood, playing once popular games and visiting pubs welcoming us with free drinks only to be engulfed by the misty, nevertheless exciting Budapest night…

Price: 4500
Length of trip: 240 minutes
Meeting point: Deák Square (5th district), in front of the Churh - middle of Deák square (MAP)
How to get there: M1, M2, M3 metro, 47, 49 tram, 105, 16 Bus
Itinerary: Deák Ferenc square - Madách square - Dob street - Gozsdu udvar - Kazinczy street - Klauzál square - Akácfa street
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