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Crime and history in the Buda Castle – with Willie Slick

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“The cops again! I’m getting tired of their tailing me all the time. In fact, since time immemorial! They just can’t leave you alone. I swear to God I’m innocent. How come there’s this wallet in my pocket you’re asking me about? Well, someone or other must have put it in my pocket! How else can it be here? Because I didn’t steal it, I swear to God. I haven’t picked a pocket in my whole life! Of course, such small-time figures are rife in this area, no wonder they think I’m one of them. Wait till I tell you what’s going on here, then you’ll see for yourselves that I have nothing to do with them. How ’bout getting a move on before the cops catch up with us…? ”

Willie Slick, a small-time pickpocket will be your guide for the next two hours if you join us to one of are most popular thematic walking tour in Budapest. He’ll be talking about the Buda Castle, old crimes and executions, the people and the buildings here, he’ll be telling you fascinating stories about everything that has happened here in the past centuries. Beware of him, pardon me, be aware of the exciting surprises that his stories may bring to you…

Price: 4500
Length of trip: 120 minutes
Meeting point: I. district, Clark Ádám square, at the 0 km monument (Buda side of the Chain Bridge) (MAP)
How to get there: Bus No: 16, 86, 105 - Clark Ádám square Tram no.: 19, 41 - Clark Ádám square
Itinerary: Clark Ádám square - Fisherman's bastion - Matthias church - Ruszwurm - Tóth Árpád walkway - Dísz square
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