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Budapest’s Records – with Mike Liarsson

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“Dear Visitor, my name is Mike Liarsson, and I have been commissioned by his/her Royal Highness to be your guide in Budapest in all circumstances. As I have been brought up a dutiful person, I’ll meet you at the meeting point no matter what! I already walked right after the day I had been born on and as a one-week old child, I was the first person to run around the planet with just one breath held back, so I guarantee we won’t get tired. I know the place inside out, so why not join me for two hours and see “the best and the most” of Budapest. Trust me.”

Mike Liarsson is a soldier, who takes visitors to the city on a thematic walking tour and tells them stories about his adventures, his life, the people here and why Budapest has been and will be a city of “the best and the most”…

Price: 4500 HUF/15 EUR/fő
Length of trip: 120 minutes
Meeting point: Szent István Square, by the Ornament Well on the left side of the St. Stephen’s Basilica (MAP)
How to get there: On foot from Deák square (metro 1, 2, 3, bus, tram), or from Arany János street (metro 3, bus)
Itinerary: Szent István square - Széchenyi square - Chain Bridge - Vörösmarty square - Servite square - Dohány street Synagogue - Gozsdu courtyard
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