Paris Court – A story of how dreams come true

Every one of us has a dream … In the early 1800’s, architect Mr. Mihály Pollack and Baron Brudern envisioned the most sophisticated modern department store of the period. There is no need to mention that all merchants and storekeepers living those times in Budapest entertained highest dreams of having a shoproom at the lavishly decorated, elegant Parisian Court.

 Secret gardens and squares downtown

From the street, nothing can be seen, just a battered façade, an obscure gateway, and a massive double door … Do you want to know what is hiding inside? During our 2.5-hour thematic walking tour we gain access to some beautiful private gardens in Budapest downtown which are otherwise closed to the public; we also visit a cloister garden and one of the prettiest inner-city parks.

 Budapest’s Records – with Mike Liarsson

Dear Visitor, my name is Mike Liarsson, and I have been commissioned by his/her Royal Highness to be your guide in Budapest in all circumstances. As I have been brought up a dutiful person, I’ll meet you at the meeting point no matter what! I already walked right after the day I had been born on and as a one-week old child, I was the first person to run around the planet with just one breath held back, so I guarantee we won’t get tired.

Mike Liarsson is a soldier, who takes visitors to the city on a thematic walking tour and tells them stories about his adventures, his life, the people here and why Budapest has been and will be a city of “the best and the most”...

 Crime and history in the Buda Castle – with Willie Slick

The cops again! I’m getting tired of their tailing me all the time. In fact, since time immemorial! They just can’t leave you alone. I swear to God I’m innocent. How come there’s this wallet in my pocket you’re asking me about? Well, someone or other must have put it in my pocket! How else can it be here? Because I didn’t steal it, I swear to God.

Willie Slick, a small-time pickpocket will be your guide for the next two hours if you join us to one of are most popular thematic walking tour in Budapest!

 Budapest – The City of Waters

Budapest was literally built on water: there is a uniquely rich network of streams, mineral and medicinal waters under the city which nourish the numerous thermal baths, spas and swimming pools that Budapest is justly famed for. The Danube, which flows through the city like an artery, is not only a beautiful sight, but supplies Budapest with one of the best and tastiest drinking waters in Europe.

Our 2-hour thematic walking tour is one of the best choice if you want to discover Budapest, the city of waters!

 Historic Pub Crawl – with Frank Downer

Hey, can you spare me a penny? I need it for beer... OK, OK, of course, I’d rather stop by the Blue Cat first, just to teach those amateurish card-sharpers a lesson. It won’t take a minute. I’m sure as hell that today is my lucky day. And there is the one-legged Bogdán. Even a 6-year-old can beat him. Well, if you lend me some dough , I’ll take you around the neighbourhood just for the sake of your own safety. Everybody here knows who I am, so you needn’t worry about anybody or anything. Let’s get a move on then, for God’s sake!

 Nightflow of Budapest

One unforgettable night in Budapest with a lot's of music, story, pub and drink! Let's experience the nightflow of Budapest!

 Message walls, or the secret language of the decorations of building in Budapest

On our 2-hour thematic walking tour, we use the tools of art historians to bring to life the intricately-carved facades, staircases and gates, and through them to become acquainted with the long-deceased inhabitants of the areas. As you develop an appreciation of a faded era, your new -language skills- will make the otherwise mute buildings confess the secrets and stories of their past.