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The present Contract is concluded when finalizing the registration for the walking tour between the website operator Sétapálca Kft.(Seller) and the visitor who registers (Buyer).

Company data:

•                Name: SÉTAPÁLCA Kft.

•                Home: 8263 Badacsonytördemic, Szabadság utca 6.

•                VAT number: 24114413-1-19

•                Language of contract: English

•                E-mail:

•                Phone: +36-20-454-19-16

Service Description

You can register for cultural walking tours and presentations on our website. The events take place at various locations of Budapest. The dates are indicated on the website. You can participate in any event after registering online or on the spot.

The events are held on the previously announced dates regardless of the number of the participants.

All prices indicated on the website are gross prices.


You can register on our website by selecting the menu item called “Walking Tours” or on the first spot of the event. After online registration, the Buyer receives a confirmation email, which is sent to the specified email address, containing the registration data of the Buyer, the date, time and place of the event, and all the other quick facts you need to know.

The confirmation email verifies your registration. The registration does not bind the Buyer to participate in the event or pay the price.

The Registration Process on the website

1.              Click on the menu item called “Walking Tours” and select any event you like, or select the submenu called “Tour Calendar”

2.              Select any date and time that suits you best, and click on the button called “Registration”

3.              Enter your personal details in the pop-up window

4.              Click on the button “Registration” again to confirm your registration process.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us on our address

Participation Fee and Terms of Payment

The events have varying fees, which you are informed about in each event description.

The prices are gross prices. Discounts are available to seniors, students and teachers, as long as they can show a valid document or card that entitles them to get a discount.

You have to pay the participation fee on the spot before the event/game begins. In individual cases, you can also transfer the participation fee online, but it is possible on special request and with prior consultation only.

Only if you have a gift voucher or a valid ticket that you bought in advance from a reseller, you can participate in the event without paying on the spot

If you (the Buyer) fail to pay the participation fee, you cannot participate in the event.

 Gift vouchers

You can buy a gift voucher on our website or in person.

By purchasing a gift voucher, you (the Buyer) agree to the General Terms and Conditions.

The voucher can be made out in a given a name or can be left blank.  Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue, and you are free to use them for any walking tour up to the value limit of your voucher. If you want redeem the voucher for an event that costs more than the value of the voucher, you have the possibility of paying the price difference. If you want to redeem the voucher for an event that costs less than the value of the voucher, you cannot choose to ask for a refund or have your voucher credited either.

Each voucher is associated with a unique identifier, without which they are not valid and you are not able to redeem them.

The Seller, in certain cases, reserves the right to define the time of validity to be shorter than one year.

The Seller guarantees that they provide a sufficient number of events, which makes it possible to redeem all the vouchers.

The vouchers become invalid after the expiry date. They can be extended on special request and on an individual basis only.

Conditions of Participation

Everyone participates in the events at their own risk. Children under 14 are allowed to participate in the events only under parental guidance.

The minimum and maximum number of participants can be varying. Generally, it is between 5 and 30 persons.

Participation is strictly prohibited under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other mind altering substances.

Because of the conditions of the locations, the events are not recommended to disabled and elderly people, and those who suffer from blood and heart vessel diseases or any other serious illnesses. Please, contact us to inquire about our events in such cases.

The Seller takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that may occur during these events.

By registering for an event, in any possible way, you also agree to the Conditions of Participation.

Right of Withdrawal

The Buyer has every right to withdraw his/her participation in any event, in the period between the registration and the beginning of the event. By paying the participation fee, the Buyer confirms his/her intent to participate therefore the Seller is not bound and cannot be required to repay the participation fee after the payment is made.

Privacy Policy

Personal information that we receive about you will never be shared with a third party under any circumstances, and will never be used for other purposes without your permission.

The website and its contents including images and videos are the exclusive property of the Seller. Making and issuing copies of them, or adapting them are strongly prohibited and can lead to legal consequences.

Other Regulations

The Seller takes no responsibility for any property that is stolen, lost or damaged during these events.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for any breach of its obligations resulting from the events of unforeseeable circumstances (fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters). In such cases, the Seller will announce new dates, for which the Buyer can register again.

The respective provision of the Hungarian Civil Code shall apply to all matters that are not defined above.

15.10.2013, Budapest.

The ImagineBudapest Team

  (representative: Káldi Máron)